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What do we do?

This directory lists over 6,000 qualified practitioners of counselling working in the UK and Ireland.

You can search by region (click on other regions if you are browsing within a subarea of the UK), and filter your results using keywords.

All practitioners who register are first checked before appearing.

Why do we do it?

The directory was set up in 2008 as an attempt to redress the balance that meant practitioners providing low-cost and free counselling tended also to be those least able to afford to advertise.

In response the directory is set up on a pay-what-you-can model, where counsellors can choose how much they pay to be advertised (including nothing).

In this way we aim to provide a more balanced picture of the services in your area, less skewed towards high-cost options.

If people pay what they want, can you cover your costs?

Typically, yes - because the counselling profession widely adheres to ethical codes, and because we ask them to make a fair assessment of their own situation. These two factors create a context in which this model works well enough to cover our running costs.

We never query their assessment or make public who pays what, and when people ask us to waive the fee completely, we never ask why.

No professional practitioner is ever rejected for inability or failure to pay.